SU Supporter Communities

SU Visionaries is our name for a special circle of people who have shown a visionary commitment to the work of Scripture Union Victoria.

This group is made up of people who have let us know that they have left a bequest to SU Victoria in their will, and others who have already given an exceptional contribution to SU in various ways.

SU Visionaries is a way of expressing our appreciation for this support. While its members have sought no reward for their generosity, we honour that commitment in a few simple ways, including a complimentary copy of the Fingertip File. This is a great repository for your key personal information that includes prints of artworks by artists in the SU family, and the ‘My Personal Record’ file. An annual supplement includes an attractive annual report and further art prints.

Although SU Visionaries are in a sense a ‘select group’, our vision is not to make it exclusive but to grow the group. You may know someone who has made an exceptional contribution to SU Victoria over a long period, who we haven’t yet recognised in this way. You may be thinking about making or changing a will. You may already have remembered SU in your will.

Joining someone in to SU Visionaries gives us the chance to say ‘thankyou’ before it’s too late, and the opportunity to keep deeply committed people in the loop at a more intimate level than otherwise would be the case. There are no requirements at all on our Visionaries. Joining this group simply means accepting some small tokens of appreciation:


Joining SU Visionaries is as easy as including SU in your will, which might easily be done by the addition of a codicil.

  • If you have already included SU in your will, please let us know, so we can send you the Fingertip File and include you in the annual luncheon.
  • If you haven’t yet done that but would like to consider it, you can go to some straightforward information about how to leave a bequest to SU.


We have begun to collect some stories of some of our SU ‘legends’ – especially present ones.


We can help you pass on the good news about SU Visionaries, and how we can help SU over the long haul through our Will. Click here to find out how.