SU Supporter Communities


SUstainers is simply an informal network of people previously involved actively in SU, and wanting to keep connected with SU and each other.

Think of it as SU and its people sustaining each other over the long haul. SUstainers enables us to draw on the wisdom and experience of the SU Community, and offer fresh opportunities for service for those looking for a challenge.


SUstainers is open to all interested SU volunteers and supporters from any decade, and joining up is simple. Joining SUstainers offers participation in a new way and carries no obligations. You can be involved as much or as little as suits you. It is run by a steering group of SU legends – and others!

Simply let us know you want to be part of SUstainers by calling the SUstainers Officer on 9482 5700 or email


SUstainers receive 4-6 Email newsletters a year. If you don’t have email we’ll post them to you. It’s a great way to hear about what is happening in people’s lives, and about new opportunities to learn, grow, meet or serve. To Subscribe to SUstainers Enews, email us at or call 9482 5700.


We have two main events each year:

  • before the Summer Celebration in February.
  • the Coolamatong Weekend in the third term break.


Take a look at some of the answers given by participants in our Coolamatong weekend in September 2011.
Thanks to Marion for putting them together for us. Download a copy here.


Some, perhaps many, Sustainers will already have included SU Victoria in their will, but we don’t know about them. If you are one of those, we would love to include you in our ‘SU Visionaries’ group, and especially to invite you to the annual SU Visionaries luncheon. If you have not done so, please consider the possibility, as a way of supporting the long-term ministry of SU to future generations.

Either way, to see more about SU Visionaries, click here.


We do our best to help you make contact with an old friend from your beach mission days, ISCF, camp team or other activity. All care taken about confidentiality, but no promises of success!

To contact us about this, or any other SUstainers matter, email us at We'd love to hear from you.