Welcoming Families at Port Campbell

  Monday 21st February, 2022

Welcoming Families at Port Campbell

Fun in the sun at Port Campbell

As SU missions returned again to Port Campbell for the first time in eighteen years, I got to see the kind of uncomplicated welcome that SUFMs and Theos are so good at offering families. I sat with a family who were new to Australia. They told me how it was hard to make connections, particularly for their son. Their daughter would chat with anyone, but their son was very shy.

As we chatted, and talked about the Bible story of the day at SUFM, the little boy gradually began to warm up. After some encouragement from me, and mum and dad, he tentatively joined in the age group activities. Suddenly he was having a ball making pipe cleaner art with the other kids. His mum and dad were surprised he was willing to get involved. But the SUFM team was able to welcome him, his sister, and their mum and dad, each in their own way, and offer them a place to belong, have fun, and explore the stories of Jesus.

— Jo, Port Campbell SUFM Team Member

This story is part of the February 2022 issue of CONNECT.