Photo Competition Submission

If you've taken some great photos on mission or camp, enter them in our annual photo competition! 📸

Some of the best shots will be shared on our socials, and prizes will be given at Summer Celebration 2022!

This year's categories are:

  • Action - Engaging! Exciting! Lively! People doing something active in the program, such as games, crafts, actions, conversations, etc.
  • Bible Engagement - People engaging with Jesus' transforming story
  • Group - Group photos with people facing the camera and smiling
  • Psalm 19:1 - Photos which capture the beauty and marvel of God's creation

Submit your photos by 31st January 2022! You can upload your photos with the form below, email them to, or upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive and share them with us.


Before you take any photos, make sure each person depicted has given permission to be photographed and to have their photos shared for Scripture Union Victoria's promotional purposes.

For SUFM, KidsGames and Camp teams, consent is required on a participant's registration form. For Theos teams, written parental consent is required for a child under 16 years, or written consent from the individual or parent for children aged 16-18. For photos including Scripture Union Victoria volunteers, check with them directly first.

You have a responsibility to respect and protect the privacy of participants. It is critical that all images you upload here follow the photo safety guidelines.

NOTE: This form autosaves the form data that you enter as you progress to ensure you don't accidentally lose your data if the page reloads accidentally etc. IF YOU ARE ON A PUBLIC DEVICE and there is potential that you may not complete the form, you can click the button below and we will not autosave your form data. All form data is cleared after the form is submitted successfully.

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