You can choose one workshop to attend in each session.
Please note, Workshops 1 and 3 are 60 minutes each, while Workshop 2 is 30 minutes.

Workshop 1 (10:00 - 11:00am)

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Making the Most of Your First Mission/Camp

Best for First Time Volunteers
First time on a Mission or Camp? Come learn about what makes an SU program distinctive, what things might be surprising, and some handy tips for coping well, being useful, and having fun!
Presented by Joanne Riches

Curated Conversation on Being a Team Parent/Family

A great place for team families and team parents to come together and share wisdom, tips and tricks, and stories from time on mission.
Facilitated by Elspeth Collie


Anyone can use a puppet, but it takes skill and practice to use them well. This learning community is a quick and concise guide to puppet manipulation - the 'what to do' and 'what not to do' to get you on your way to becoming a puppet master.
Presented by Phil Day

Engaging Primary Children

Leanne will be taking a practical look at ministry with primary-aged children, sharing games and story-telling ideas as well as discussing children's relationship with faith in their primary years.
Presented by Leanne Palmer

Small Group Facilitation - Building a Culture of Respect

You sit down to lead a discussion during your program and the group will not sit still. This workshop will give some practical ideas on how to build RESPECT in small groups and not get stuck in the cycle of conflict between leaders and group.
Presented by Chris Durie

Managing Alcohol and Drug Affected People in your Mission Space

It is not uncommon for team members on SU programs to encounter people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Cal will share some tips and tricks on the best ways to engage with such people in a way that shows God's love and care to them and other program participants.
Presented by Cal Goldby

Welcoming Neurodiverse Participants

Practical tools and strategies for engaging neurodiverse children and their families in your program.
Presented by Bridget Hamilton and Andrea Crompton

Integrated Mission - Who We Are, What We Do and Say

How and what we do 24/7 conveys good news - words and actions, program and set-up communicates!
Presented by Beth Waldron Anstice

Alongsiding Mental Health and Trauma Impacted Children and Families

Trauma-informed ideas to strengthen programs and activities with diverse children and families.
Presented by Megan Harris

How to Launch/Plant a New Mission/Camp

Have you ever felt called to plant a new mission or camp? Then this workshop is for you! Di will take us through the fundamentals of how to prepare and plant a new program.
Presented by Di Duursma

Great Group Games to Use on Mission and Camp

A smorgasbord of quick and easy game ideas to keep your participants engaged.
Presented by Jack Beamish

My Story, Our Story, God's Story: Sharing Testimony of God's Good News for Maximum Impact

Chris takes us through how to share our personal testimony with care and grace for maximum impact on those we share it with.
Presented by Chris Helm

Designing an Outreach Event

Want to bring your mission further into its local community? Matt will take us through how to create and plan an outreach event.
Presented by Matt Jellie

Workshop 2 (11:40am - 12:10pm)

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Tips and Games For Keeping a Larger Group of Rowdy Kids Under Control

Daunted by the prospect of having to keep a large (or small) group of kids focused and entertained? This workshop is for you!
Presented by Sally-Ann Henderson

Theming Up Mission or Camp for Maximum Impact

Themes build memories. Tips, tricks and stories of multi-sensory theming for mission or camp programs.
Presented by Naomi Swindon

Using Music on Mission

Brendan takes us through how to use music as a tool for storytelling, helping kids to engage with the content and make mission or camp a memorable experience.
Presented by Brendan Petty

Prayer Time

A space to pray over the summer mission season.
Facilitated by Matt Jellie

New Systems Question Time

Best for Directors and Safety Officers
Does ALT B Systems Training feel like a lifetime ago? Did the online recording send you to sleep? Never fear, Mel & Evie are here to answer all your systems related questions & queries. Come prepared with questions!
Presented by Mel Jepson and Evangeline Allan

Non-Elimination Games

Be equipped with non-elimination games to maximise fun and minimise conflict during your program.
Presented by Rachel Gijsbers Hayman

5 Ways to Include Prayer In and Around Your Mission/Camp

With her rich experience of starting prayer hubs and wonderful stories about the power of prayer, Di shares with us her wisdom around making our mission/camp a prayerful space.
Presented by Di Duursma

Activating New Opportunities - a 20 minute video/discussion tool

This prerecorded session will equip us to recognise and utilise new opportunities in our mission space.
Presented by Glenn Coombes, facilitated by Ben Howes

Workshop 3 (2:00 - 3:00pm)

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Being a Camp or Mission Veteran

Been on your Mission or Camp for years? Explore leveraging your experience, avoiding pitfalls of being a long-time volunteer,.. and help raise up the next generation of volunteers (without the stress of Directing).
Presented by Paul Minty

Treasurer Training

For Treasurers and Directors
From credit cards to budgets, this is your place to learn all about treasury in new SUA systems!
Presented by Mel Jepson and Evangeline Allan

Curated Conversation for Camp and Mission Cooks

For Cooks
Come learn about the role of the team cook, their significance both logistically, socially and spiritually within the team, and hear some tips and stories along with sharing your own experience of how to successfully cater for a team in a variety of contexts. Bring your meal plans or ideas, ask questions, and network with other team cooks!
Presented by James Wait

Welcome Mat - Get Familiar With This Years SUFM/Camp Resource

For Bible Engagement Coordinators
Brendan takes us through our summer resource for this year - Welcome Mat!

Presented by Brendan Petty

Starting Out - Inviting Children to Follow Jesus

Heading back to basics, how to introduce the good news of the gospel to children in an age-friendly and respectful way.
Presented by the Leanne Palmer

Ensuring a Safe and Invitational Space for Gender and Sexual Diversity at Camp or on Mission

Explore what makes your missional space safe, inviting and engaging for LGBTIQ+ young people in a way that has integrity to your faith and your context.
Presented by Naomi Swindon and Chris Helm

Addressing Children's Questions

We need to better connect with young people regarding current and difficult issues. How do we journey with them and not just tell them what to do?
Facilitated by Sally-Ann Henderson

Social Media, Photography and Advertising During Program

Mitch & Matt take us through how to use social media to our advantage to advertise our missions and camps, whilst remaining respectful of our participants' privacy.
Presented by Mitch Salmon and Matt Albertus

Teens Sharing Faith With Your Peers

Best for Theos team members
Ella and a team from Mustard share with us how to best share our faith with teenagers in our missional context. Presented by Ella Tregale and the Mustard Team

Supporting Traumatised Youth and Kids

Sometimes we come across a young person who has seen some things. Maybe their life story sounds unreal to us, full of violence and pain. Come share and learn how to support traumatised young people and show love to them in a community unlike any they've experienced before: the people of God!
Presented by Chris Durie

Engaging Whole Families

Take a practical look at intergenerational ministry and different ways we can engage every member of the family at once.
Presented by Beth Waldron Anstice


Learn some easy-to-learn (and life-time to master) principles to begin your journey to discover the 'clown-within'. Use these skills to present simple clown skits, story-telling, drama, and welcoming people to your program.
Presented by Phil Day

Succession Planning and How to Mentor the Next Group of Leaders

Best for Directors
Come along and learn how to best ensure the continuation of your mission with succession planning and mentoring tips and wisdom.
Presented by Ben Howes